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What This Community is All About

This community is where I'm keeping my recs/reviews/records of what I read.  I have not marked it for adult content as a courtesy to users who are not logged-in.  Assume that all posts are not suitable for children.

What is Here

1.  All my existing Delicious bookmarks.  I've imported the ~250 links with notes in bulk posts by fandom.  They are all tagged:  Old Bookmarks
2.  Annotated links to what I read and find notable will be entered here from now on.  Likely once a week or so, and at present, I'll continue to use Delicious as a gathering point.  This includes fic, meta--both fandom and general, vids, and occasional miscellaneous things.  

What isn't Here

1.  My own meta or fic.
2.  A lot of the meta I read.  I don't tag everything, just the things I think are noteworthy and aren't too linked into a single hypertextual conversation.  In other words, it will make sense out of context or at a later time. 
3.  Every fic I start reading.  If I don't finish it, I don't bother to bookmark it.  Some fics I read when I'm looking for a particular emotional hit.  I don't bookmark those either because I'm not reading in a way that leads to useful analysis. 

A Little More Detail on What Fic is Bookmarked Here

1.  Mostly m/m slash.  There will also be some het, some gen, some f/f and some polyfic. 
2.  RPF and FPF
3.  Many media fandoms, but the big ones are, SGA, SPN and SPN_RPF.
4.  In SPN fandom you will see mostly Sam/Dean, so if you're upset by incest, please skip those.  You will not see sexual situations involving possessed bodies, so no Dean/Castiel or Sam/Ruby (unless it is in a canon context only). 
5.  You will not find very much that involves issues of consent.
6.  I do read some kink fic, but I have very particular taste.

A Little More Detail on What Meta is Bookmarked Here

1.  You will find meta here that discusses issues of sex, sexuality and social justice.
2.  I am not very interested in meta that is outrage only, especially expressed by people who are not members of the oppressed group in question.
3.  I have very little patience for feminism that ignores intersectionality.  I have less patience for feminism that judges other women for their choices.

A Little More Detail on My Personal Taste

1.  I like canon-compliant fic, AUs of all kinds, crossovers, G rated fluff and PWPs. 
2.  I don't think canon-compliance makes a fic de facto better.
3.  I don't like WNGWJLEO 90% of the time. 
4.  I don't like heteronormative ideas about sexuality (especially in het fic!).  I don't mind depictions of characters who think that way, but if the author seems to be telling me that just as each Hydrogen atom has one electron, one of them's the girl in the relationship, I will not enjoy the story.
5.  I like romance and angst, but I don't like wallowing in emotionalism. 
6.  I like, "I choose you,"  a whole lot more than, "We are meant to be."
7.  I read things that would be called hurt comfort, but I don't read it for that aspect.  I avoid gratuitous pain, violence or torture porn, aka whump. 
8.  I like stories to be readable.  I'm not a grammar purist.
9.  I'm an atheist.  Religion in fic is fine, evangelism isn't.  I don't take the "religion" in Supernatural very seriously.
10.  Bashing of female characters because they're women is not acceptable.
11.  I love vids as a consumer, but I have no real facility to discuss film or visual art.

This is NOT a List of Fic Recs

Or, a note for readers and authors. 

These bookmarks are not squeeful recs.  They are short reviews meant to give readers a feel for my impressions, experiences and response to the text.  This is not meant to be objective, and is absolutely my subjective feelings about what I read, at the time I read it.  I can be influenced by all kinds of things--the story I read prior, my mood, the time of the year, the time of the day, any number of things.  Every response to a piece of writing is unique to an individual, and my POV might be so different from yours that not only will you think I'm full of shit, but my opinion might be completely irrelevant to your experience.  For more insight into how I see the concept of POV and how it affects our understanding of things, please check out Micro, Macro and Beer.

This is not concrit.  This is not feedback.  This is not meant for authors.  Anyone is welcome to read what is here, but not all fic, vid or meta will be 100% endorsed by me. Most of what I finish reading, I enjoy enough, think it's good enough that I am recommending it, with enough description to give readers here an idea if they might like it themselves.  I try not to expect more than is reasonable from a given work.  (Something written to a tight deadline and to a prompt is not always going to be the best possible story.)  Trust me, there will be people who take my lukewarm response to something as an indicator that they will love it. 

However, if you believe that fandom is for the social connections only, that it is only "for fun", and that any critical discussion of fanworks isn't fun and should never be public, this is not the place for you. 


Anonymous, Open ID or logged in are all allowed.  I will not tolerate rudeness to others in this space.  I might take some personal flack, I might not. IP logging is on.

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