June 28th, 2013

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Which is a horrible cliche you should never use.

I realized yesterday that the J2 SPN BigBang was well in progress.

I found the comm, backed up to the start of posting and read through the summaries. I found three things I thought I might want to give a go. Not oddly, the one with Gordon the rapist or Jared the deaf guy who can't get a date, because Jared in Deaf culture would be a total outcast folks amirite?

I tried my three.

First one used adolescent sexual vulgarity to show how cool the straight guy was for bein' a bro' with the gay guy. Exit.

Second one had a dull opening with Aldis Hodge in a servant sort of role that was gross. Exit.

Third one, ah fuckit, I said.

So that's it for me, fandom. I've lost the ability to enjoy even the parts of fandom that aren't horribly racist and sexist and soaked in gender essentialism. I can't handle the posts glorifying shit shows like Lost Girl with it's sexism and male gaze lesbians and it's hatred of butch women. I can't handle the vapid culture of N. American young white middle class men being rolled around in like it's catnip.

I can't find the gems in the dross any more.

It's a shame, and maybe I'll be back someday when the current styles wane and more adult writing waxes.

Ah well, at least I'll never have to read In a world where... or This is a story that... ever again.

This journal will remain up at [community profile] pixel_bound as long a Dreamwidth remains going. My fic at the AO3 will remain up until they implode.

Here's my prediction:

The legal committee and PR department of the OTW will spin off into a new org that Francesca Copa can put on her CV.

Fanlore will wither away under an avalanche of spam and lack of technical support, since setting up account validation is unlikely to happen.

That Fanhackers thing will get spun off with TWC into some other org, possibly with legal.

The AO3 will be the only remaining real project of the OTW, with the fantasy of art and vidding hosting still in the talk talk talk stage. They might just make it on their own.

The OTW will struggle to have a board member last longer than 6 months for a good long time.


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