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Fandom: Supernatural

This is everything tagged Fandom:SPN up until about two weeks ago. Some of these are old, and since changing your journal name in SPN fandom is a competitive sport, I'm assuming some links are broken.

nutkin: FIC: Revisionist History (Sam/Dean, NC-17)
Season 6 fic. Utilizes well what is to me the obvious outcome of Sam's state--that is, that he will easily talk about anything. Including Jess, his past sexual relationship with Dean and with Ruby and what it all meant to Sam.

Meta-ish story, and the past incidents they talk about sound a bit like fic summaries, but well told, emotional without being emo. And strangely hopeful.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

Tums by lazy_daze
This just hit the right notes of humour for me, just a little bit it of it self referential. Sam thinks he has indigestion by proxy, because his stomach hurts when he's near Dean. Poor soulless guy, doesn't know what it means.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

Happy Together (Moving Pictures - whedonverse fan vids - Buffy and Angel Art)
At the top of the page now, you may need to scroll down.

Fun Dean/Impala vid with most of the shots you'd expect and some very unabashed cheesy effects. Song is Happy Together by The Turtles.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Impala vid

Victor Lives verse by smilla02
One gen piece and two sexually explicit vignettes making up an AU where Victor doesn't die in the police station. One of my favourite pairings, as friends or as more, this is Victor as a hunter and a Dean who is a post-hell head case. It's a bit too much let's never just talk about our issues, and that's a slash cliche I've grown very weary of, but the I know that you know that I know how fucked up I am is very well written. Higher than usual typo content.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Victor

Becky is my hero: The power of laughter and disruption in Supernatural by Judith May Fathallah
This is a somewhat labourious explanation of one way to read Becky in SPN. I have no quibble with the potential to read the character in this way being there in the text, but if you do, and you at the same time read the show as a contained world where character actions have moral weight within the world (this post explains what I mean much better in a SPN context: http://karenmiller.livejournal.com/253814.html) then Becky becomes a self-centred asshole who can't see beyond the end of her own nose. I don't really see how that makes her a hero. This interpretation of Becky only works if you read the entire show as meta about itself. And if you think the writers are clever enough to do this on purpose.
Fandom:SPN Meta TWC

She's Mulder - I'm Scully - In Your Reflected Light, He Glows (Dean/Sam, Dean/Lisa), 1/1
This is a somebody knows fic on one level, and thank the FSM that for once it's not Bobby, but it's also a very realism focused story about how Lisa and Dean would be if the show (or TV) could manage a depiction of a mature relationship where the dysfunction wasn't plot-dependent or a big honking tragedy.

Dean is as well as can be expected and Lisa has reasons for thinking he's good enough for now, even if she hasn't fully figured them out. Like this.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam Dean/Lisa

Ben keeps seeing Sam; Dean doesn't believe him. by anon
Now this Dean with this kid in this way, I buy. The plot is a for effect contrivance, but the plot's not the point.
Fandom:SPN Gen

erda | Spn Episode Tag (5.16)
This is a short, sharp first time that is also a vivid portrayal of depression--much, much more grounded in reality than what the show ever presented. The sex might be read as a fanfic-style cure for Dean's mental state, but it can also be read as an exception to his general listless response to stimuli. Co-dependent either way which makes this pretty canon-compliant Dean/Sam
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

fleshflutter: Suspended in my Silver Cage (Sam/Dean, pg, 2619 words)
A pre-series story about a scandal in a town Sam and Dean live in for a time. This story poses some questions about whether the moral questions about incest are different if the younger partner is a girl. One of those questions is about the very nature of women as fertile first and people second. Not something that gets much play outside the always a girl genre. Sam and Dean UST, in a story I'd call Gen, but most people would put the pairing tag on.
Fandom:SPN Gen

Sweetheart, this ain't gender studies - keysmash - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
In a universe where Dean is a cisgender woman, she wakes up one day to discover her body has been made biologically male (this time with a nod to conservation of matter).

Overall, I enjoyed this. It is a very interior story from Dean's POV, all about how she feels about this change and how she copes with it. You do see glimmers of the fact that her gender performance now, and before as a woman, is not a solo act. She does respond to how other people, especially Sam, behave towards her. It is possible to infer who this Dean is by the way she acts in the male body, but there is not a lot of detail there about how this world is like or unlike canon. There is a bit of an indication that Dean as a woman was more able to own her role as Sam's mother than canon Dean does. Dean and Sam are in an existing relationship, so insights into her sexuality are limited by that, but what I really liked was both her and Sam's level of discomfort with the new body, and the mixed feelings she had.
Fandom:SPN sexchangedDean/Sam

The Time-Traveler's Brother: Master Post by gretazreta
Sam/Dean - R - 44,000 words

Don't know the fusion canon, so I don't know if the plot-convenient nature of the time travel is original or this author's invention. It starts out very strong, slowly introducing the time travel and the effects of it on Sam and Dean in a way that draws the reader in. We start pre-canon, and it builds from there in a straight linear fashion, switching to Sam's POV for most of it and then back to Dean occasionally, until we hit the start of canon. I really liked this part.

I found the story bogged down for me once the plot becomes things I know. The author isn't adding much insight, and beyond a few reveals of exactly which future Dean that was in an earlier scene, there's nothing new here, and that is a problem, because John doesn't trust this Dean, but just like in the genderswitch fic, this one follows canon too closely. The Hell scenes did nothing for me. The ending feels pasted on, but it is the expected schmoopy reward for all the angst.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam SPN_bigbang_2010

You Say the Dead Need No Physician by Catja Mikhailovic/kitsune13
Sam/Dean - NC-17 - 21,500 words

Lovely atmoshperic case-fic in the old-school style but set post-season five. I admit this is very much my cup of coffee. The setting is integral to the case and the case and the romance are deeply intertwined in a way that makes noting pasted on.

The Charleston setting is also shown, bluntly and truthfully, all the baggage of its Southern history is there. Most of the OCs are African-American, and all the OCs are whole fascinating people. Quick, snappy, fun read.

***Soapbox*** This is escapist fiction with lots of creepy atmosphere, a great sense of place and a believable romance that doesn't cluelessly erase or defame anybody. Someone on the anon meme said they cringed all the way through waiting for the whole thing to go horribly wrong. It never does, and they were delightfully surprised. This kind of story needs to be less of an exception.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 Dean/Sam

Big Bang: Hating the Weather masterpost
NC-17 - 40,000 words.

Bisexual Sam and his cisgender, heterosexual sister Dee are hunters. Dee is magically transformed into a male body that happens to be exactly like canon Dean's when pulled out of hell.

Sam's POV. He is an unreliable narrator, a sexist jerk and a total believer in heteronormativity. There is barely any plot and too much tell vs. show in the opening section, so I'm left without much clue as to who Dee is, but she raised this jerk, so...

I think this is supposed to be an argument against biological determinism, but it ends up being one for it (also personality as innate and sexual desire as wholly physical).

This story fails hard at the intersection of class, sexuality and gender. Dee experiences class-specific sexism, but never class-specific homophobia, while Sam seems not to have experienced any class bias at all. In fact homophobia is treated as a mild inconvenience vs. the life-changing nature of sexism. Hate this fic.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 sexchangedDean/Sam Your_Stereotypes_Are_Showing

spn_j2_bigbang's Bookmarks on Delicious
Tagged listing of all fic and art at currently available link. 2007-mid 2010
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 SPN_bigbang_2009

on_verra | SPN fic: The Secrets of Copper Country
Sam/Dean - NC-17 - 23k words - see header for warnings

I have mixed feelings about this one. The casefic part is good, and I enjoyed the writing style even though it needs more show all the way through.


It is Sam's POV, and he's an unreliable narrator for most of it, as the plot is a spell that takes the story into AMTDI territory. The spell exaggerates their personalities and desires and Sam initiates a non-negotiated D/s sexual relationship while under the influence of the spell. (Secret message to the meme nonnies--that makes him a victim too!) But the D/s is all fade to black and euphemism so it's difficult for the reader to get a grip on the nature of their relationship, under the spell and after. D/s that isn't by the numbers lifestyle D/s needs some fleshing out to be understandable. Is Dean getting off (and yes, he's into it too) on the submission itself, or on pain, humiliation, being made to do what he secretly wants to do? I am in the dark on that.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam SPN_bigbang_2010

leonidaslion | The Bright Lights of Disturbia
Impressive in the span of time it encompasses. Sam starts out as the embodiment of the healing cock trope, and the readers can see that trope as hopeless fantasy and feel smart for seeing it. I love writing that twists the trope. Those are the two best things about it.

Petty complaints: Dean's eyes as mood ring really gets on my last nerve, and all that snotty crying is a bit much.

It has great flow until the jarring tonal shift of Sam's return. I enjoyed Sam+Andy, and there could have been more, but Dean's relentless punishing and Sam's submission to it made me very uncomfortable.

I liked the OFC, but I didn't feel like her motivation was ever clear. This take on John is a stark vision of the man--not sentimental or too villainous--but I can't take seriously the idea that he would do the stalker thing with Dean. I never buy Bobby knows and I don't see why that was even in the story.

Very unsatisfying ending since I didn't emotionally connect to the punishment of Sam.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

mickeym: Big Bang Master Post: Out Of the Night That Covers Me, NC-17, Sam/Dean
23,000 words - offscreen character death

This is post season 5 (with some details changed due to timing) in a way the show can never be. Sam is realistically fucked up by his experiences as Lucifer's vessel and always will be. At the same time it's curtain fic, and bears a resemblance to the attempt to show Dean with post-hell PTSD fic, but with a tad more realism. This is a clear story--not complex or far-reaching, but still satisfying--of trying to fit depression and extreme rage into a "normal" life. Neither Sam nor Dean face any real obstacles in life, outside the one's inside their own head, and the minor question of the incest, but the message that life always has hope and an upside is one that hits my buttons. Good snappy, sexy story with believable characterizations.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam SPN_bigbang_2010

Deadbeat Nymph - Bury Me In Fire - Big Bang 2010 - Master Post
Sam/Dean - Rating: NC-17 - 32,000 words

See fic header for extensive warnings. The warnings make you expect a dark ride, but it's not. The bulk of the story is fluffy relationship angst set against a sketched-in casefic.

The story takes Dean out of hell, ignores Castiel completely--his name never appears in the story--ignores Ruby nearly as much, and focuses on Dean's PTSD. While the show's depiction of Dean's reactions to hell were nearly absurd--despair that waxes and wanes for plot purposes--this story is not getting it right either. Dean is very OOC (and while I think that term is overused, it really fits here), the D/s bits could be good, but come out of left field and are built on a scene Dean recalls of John strapping him at age 23 (!!!). The mix of vulgarity and decorator jargon was bizarre. I first thought Dean had been de-aged, and then I thought he was still in hell, and I only kept at it to see if it had a twist ending.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam SPN_bigbang_2010

glorious-spoon - We Drank a Thousand Times - Master Post
R - see link for highlightable warnings - Dean/OMC, Dean/Cassie

Canon compliant story about Dean and a guy he meets one day when he's nineteen.

This is a gentle, yet gritty, melancholy story that is deeply engrossing and very well told. This is the good shit here. The OCs and the town they inhabit are real and grimy and human. Everyone is--this is not the story for you if you only like shiny, clean, oh so hot guys. The encounters between Jay and Dean are woven seamlessly into canon, and the author's portrayal of pre-canon John makes him a real person with all his flaws and his virtues on display. Same can be said for Sam. Not a romance and not a melodrama.

The relationship Dean has with Jay over the years, while sexual, is more filial--or familial--and that's such a fascinating dynamic to read in a fandom where the filial is often made sexual without any foundation for it.

I bawled like a baby at the ending--just so you know.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 Dean/OMC Dean/Cassie

Two Muses in a Tea Shop - Master Post: Actus Reus
Author: pixymisa - R (language, gore) - Dean/Sam - Spoilers: Up through the end of season 5 - Word count (total): 28,005

Case fic with a very mild side order of Dean/Sam first time. Really good case fic, engrossing and well paced, good OCs rounding out the story. I wasn't expecting to see post season 5 fic in the BB, but this was a good one. Dean's internal narration gets a little as you know, Bob, but at least there's none of that in dialogue like the damn show loves to do.

Quick, snappy read, and I enjoyed the relationship mostly because it never overwhelms the story.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam SPN_bigbang_2010

jassy3399: Learning to Breathe -- R -- 38,862
Interesting AU take on Sam and Dean, where Sam has run off young, turned into a thief and ended up wealthy and alone. Dean, still with John, is off hunting, and they work through some of the canon plots. This story has some good ideas, starts out fun, and then veers into unrealistic emotionalism. John could be absent from the story and you wouldn't miss him. Sam is really interesting here, but gets inconsistent at the end to fulfill a plot trope that is just out of left field. As pure fantasy, this was a lot of fun, and really, that's what it's meant to be, so it succeeds on that level.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Dean/Sam

She's Mulder - I'm Scully - BIG BANG - The Ghost of Somebody At His Side
Stanford era fic, where Sam has run off after a sexual encounter with Dean. This is well-written but tips over into too much emo porn and some unbelievable plot points for my taste. Some interesting insights into Sam at Stanford shine through, but the angst is cranked up too high for me. If that's your thing, you might well love this.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Dean/Sam

the cake is a lie - Big Bang Fic: Stranger Than Fiction Master Post (Sam/Dean, NC-17)
This is set immediately after The Monster at the End of This Book, and it takes the meta on slash of that episode, snatches it up, puffs it out and tells a damn fine story. I disliked the episode in question, found the slash reference to be somewhat silly, but this story is anything but. It is one long, really funny meta on fandom, slash, sexual dynamics, livejournal culture, the character of Castiel, and season four of SPN. This is top quality, grade-A stuff, and proof that fanfic does meta better than Kripke ever could.

If you've ever wondered about the whole Top/Bottom fixation in some parts of some fandoms, this fic will set you straight.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Dean/Sam

rei_c: Entangled Alliances | pre-Sam/Dean | R | 22,500 words
This is headed with that horrible term, pre-slash. I've even used it myself, but I still hate it, and I understand why it gets used in cases like this. That aside, I adore this fic. It's such an original, beautiful, fully realized world, that is described so cleanly. In this world there are Witches, Sam is one, and Hunters--that's Dean, and Rogues. The Rogues are the demons, and the Hunters and Witches have powers that both cause conflict, and work together very nicely. Sam and Dean are a little different from their own kind, but find kinship in each other. Beautiful story, simple plot, wonderful take on the characters, and a more fully realized system of magic than the show manages to have with it's lazy and vague religiosity. This reads like a really good pilot for a show I'd love to watch. It will leave you wanting more, but in a good way. Fabulous story.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Dean/Sam

fleshflutter: The incestuous courtship of the antichrist's bride
This is the kind of crackfic that totters around on six-inch heels, clutching a magnum of Champagne whilst on a ledge blindfolded. I think it fell off right before the end, but that's really me and my issues. I'm not sorry I read it, and I think fans of the genre will get a lot out of it. It's smart crackfic, and it has something to say.

The central conceit is that Jack Kerouac wrote a book that turns out to be the path Sam needs to take to be a successful anti-christ. The story is funny, wacky, a roller-coaster ride that slips in some cogent digs at the source material all while telling a coherent story in a truly, delightfully absurd manner.

The ending, where it tumbles down hard, is maybe more parody that I realize, but I need that sort of thing spelled out a little. Lots of commenters loved it, loved the sexual dynamic, thought it was a gas, gas, gas right to the end. I said I'd reread, see if I was being cranky that day. (I wasn't--it's too heteronormative for me)
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Dean/Sam

withdiamonds: I Carry the Suitcase of My Grief in Both Hands, Ma
This is a case fic, set post The Mystery Spot. There are three things woven through this story—Sam's recollections of dreams of his mother, his faltering relationship with Dean and the case of a murdered woman that takes them back to Florida. The case is well told, speaks to the theme of motherhood that runs through the story without being overbearing about it, and I love the way it's made clear just who Sam's mother really was. The established relationship with Dean is messed up just as it should be after Sam's first taste of life without Dean. This is very angsty , but moves with a nice pace, is a well constructed story and has very good characterization. The central relationships—Dean and Sam as brothers, partners, parent and child, lovers—are all really well done. It's interesting to compare this fic, which deals pretty realistically with the fallout of Sam's Wednesday, and the show, which rather glossed over the situation.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam SPN_bigbang_2009

Sleepwalking Back Again by elohvee
Note: The plot is spoiled by the warnings on the fic, scroll by the header if you don't want to be spoiled.

This story is set in the world that exists in Dean's head in the episode, What Is and What Should Never Be.

In the months before Sam and Jess get married, and just after Dean has apparently tried to kill himself, Mary knows her sons are not getting along, so she contrives to have them spend a summer together renovating a house.

I like the atmosphere and the tense and uncommunicative dysfunction between Dean and Sam as they don't deal with their issues, re-kindle their sexual relationship and try to figure out what is missing in their lives. This story is really atmosphere (don't expect realistic depictions of renovation work) over plot, and it drew me in nicely. I enjoyed it, but I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't known the ending before I began.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Dean/Sam

cormallen: The Silver Ring Master Post
This is a fairy tale about a magic ring, but the setting is a vividly realistic New England town. Jared as a boy makes up stories about the mice under the porch and enchanted apples, and when he grows up, he doesn't grow out of it. He gets a job at the Amber Moon, the local magic shop and the owners, Jeff and Sandy and their complicated relationship become the backdrop to his story.

Beyond the fairy tale story the most unusual thing about the fic is the voice. We have an omniscient narrator here, as rare in fanfic as an enchanted ring. This story also takes seriously the inherent consent issues in stories of romantic enchantment. There's not much Jensen in the story, and I wasn't bothered by that; it's Jared's tale and I loved it and found it very refreshingly intelligent, unusual and well told.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

Floundering around in the dark - Reason Has No Relevence, Supernatural, NC-17 Index Post
I'm not sure why I read it, because it's clearly not my sort of story at all, but I actually rather liked this when I started treating it like meta. I don't know if it was actually meant that way, but that's neither here nor there, anyway. The story is an interesting contrast to the kinds of fics that make a relationship between the OTP the cure-all for past horrors, and especially those that justify incest as the only option for Sam and Dean for flimsy reasons.

Two things were hard to take. The first encounter with Jess was a hump I almost didn't get over, but her personality oddities become understandable later on. I could have done without the throwaway use of an "African Idol" as the cursed object that precipitates the first encounter between Sam and Dean and lays the foundation for the rest of the story.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam SPN_bigbang_2009

one uncontrollable hunger away from ruin - maerhys (selu) - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
This story uses a kind of time travel premise to take Sam, who is 32, married to Jess and living as a mundane corporate lawyer back into his 16-year-old body. The opening scenes of Sam and his joyless marriage, his occasional meet ups with Dean and his debilitating migraines and narcotic addiction is chilling. Slash fic, even if it veers into showcasing het relationships, rarely tells a bitter and truthful tale of two people who love each other and are still on the road to ruin, actually it tells that tale twice over. Sam is so beyond a mere adulterer here. With his relationship with Dean, he is making a mockery of Jess' life and she doesn't even know it.

I enjoyed this story very much, and I found the vivid and painful first part to be some fantastic writing. For me to get this much out of a pairing set-up that I don't care for (the underage thing), says a lot about the story. Really thought provoking and interesting read.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

insomnia_geek: BIG BANG -- Hubris Masterpost
I mostly enjoyed the plot of this story. It's well told and takes canon events and weaves them in without overdoing the retelling. Henriksen becomes a kind of stock, law and order guy here; the man who saw the truth, and was able to adapt, in canon isn't here, and I found that very disappointing. The OCs are interesting and well fleshed out, but the women are all described by their body shape, which rankled. The central story, Sam trying to have his normal life, while still getting to help people, and the reasons that's not working, is the best part.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Gen

Words o' the Witch - Big Bang Master Post: Boy Falling Out of the Sky, Sam/Dean, NC-17
This is a fairly standard Dean and Sam in high school fic, à la After School Special. Dean is actually out of high school for this one. I enjoyed the school plot, the twist with the supernatural being, and the way the kids interact. Sam's brief fling with another boy, also unsure of his sexuality and his place in the hierarchy of the school, was also interesting. Sam seemed a little too mature, and Dean a little too quick to see Sam as a sexual adult here, and I didn't buy into their getting together. I would have liked this better without the Dean/Sam, just as a story about Sam and the kids in the school.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Dean/Sam Sam/OMC Underage

A Dean in a world with no Sam goes to sleep in a crappy motel room and wakes up in a world where Sam is trying to get his Dean out of hell.

I enjoyed the characterizations, there's anger and rage and grief but it's all very in character and not emo or weepy at all. Ruby is a bit more like season 3 Ruby, so I really liked her. Sam is knowingly, unapologetically, doing anything he can to save Dean, uncaring about who gets hurt. Dean is trying to be Dean to this Sam and mostly failing. This is the season 4 conflicts, emotions and moral grey areas stripped of the angel vs demon plot-line. I like it better than canon. I think the fact that these two guys are making their own choices, rather than being manipulated by outside forces, makes for a better story. I really enjoyed this Dean and Sam.

I frankly don't see any dubcon.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Dean/Sam

kelleigh: Golden Filaments in Fair Design [Master Post]
Fantasy AU where Sam is an orphan taken in by some people who run a travelling show in a world that is mysterious and strangely barren. Sam grows up, has a wonderful platonic relationship with a girl his age, learns his mother's act and eventually discovers Dean. As the story progresses, he discovers that Dean is an unusual man, who speaks strangely and has odd habits.

I love the relationship Sam has with his parents, and the way the adopted relationship is portrayed. I enjoyed most of the fantasy elements and the relationship that develops, in this very unusual type of story for this fandom. I would call this not an incest story, which is all I'll say on that. I also appreciated the option to read the story without the warnings.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Dean/Sam

maryandrhoda: Higher Learning (Part 1 of 3) | NC-17 | Sam/Dean
Case fic where Sam gets a call from an old college friend and he and Dean end up at Harvard. Dean is a big fish out of water with Sam's friend, Sam, who suddenly has to come out as bisexual when his friend spills some beans, and the entire city of Boston/Cambridge. The case is background to the changing relationship between Sam and Dean and Dean trying to deal with the world Sam could have had being right in his face.

What makes this story fun is the characterization and the dialogue. The OCs are good too. Much like in A Really Good Detective, this is canon (season 2 or 3) Dean with all his bad habits, big mouth and baggage. This is not a deep rumination of how Dean and Sam get together, rather, it's the story of how they collide together at warp speed, snarking all the way.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Dean/Sam

oschun - A Really Good Detective Never Gets Married (Master Post)

Sam and Dean are not related. Dean's a cop with Victor Henricksen as a partner. This story is all about tone, and voice and the Dean characterization which is fun, in a not quite as hard boiled a way as the usual detective genre. He does think some amazingly sexist things, about his boss--Ellen Harvelle, who is also his former mother-in-law, and to Victor about Ellen. I read it as Dean needing to be an asshole trumping anything else in his mind, rather than a real representation of his feelings.

I liked the battered, but not quite wallowing Dean, his relationship with Victor, which is awesome, and his mostly self-aware macho posturing. The plot is thin, like a lot of crime stories, and isn't really the point here. Sam is really an OMC played by a guy who looks like Sam Winchester, which is fine in a story this AU to begin with.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2009 Dean/Sam

britomart_is: Fic: Dictionary for a Dead Language; Master Post
Sam/Dean - NC-17 - Words: 22,000 I hesitated on this one because the summary makes it sound like epistolary fic like Written by the Victors, which breaks my brain. It's got one tiny bit of that at the beginning and then it's, as one commentor put it, apoca-curtain fic. It's sweet and angsty and very human and real. The underlying ethos is that there is hope for all good things, including hope for humanity. It's like sweet hot chocolate with cayenne in it. Mmmmmm.

A lot of the details of the post-apocalypse world are left fairly vague, so that I never once had my usual reaction to apocafic which can be summed up as, dude, agriculture just doesn't work like that.

One reviewer on delicious commented that the Sam/Dean didn't seem very necessary, and it isn't; this could have been a gen story. But unlike a certain other fic, it is integrated into the characterization.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 Dean/Sam

clex_monkie89: The Heavens Aligned Against Us (Sounds Like A Fair Fight)
John/Mary, Sam/Dean, Sam/OMC - NC-17 - 35,900 words - underage

This was an good read for the first few parts because the John/Mary is fantastically well written. They read like real married people and people in the same gene pool as Dean and Sam.


There are comic uses of Pastor Jim, Caleb, and Bill and Ellen that did not work for me. There's one very obviously missing scene involving the Trickster and the story stops making sense for a while. The continuity confusion only gets worse. Sam is diagnosed with epilepsy, there's angst and then it's dropped. There's a lot of mistakes and typos and no links between parts. The writing gets rougher. Worst of all, there is a realistic but meaningless Dean/Sam underage scene that exists solely to allow the story to be labeled as Wincest in a header that implies that Dean/Sam is the main pairing. There is so much potential in the early parts that this could have been an awesome gen story. What it is, is a mess.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 John/Mary Dean/Sam

The Outlaw Dean Winchester - Master Post (Dean/Sam, NC17)
Author: runedgirl
Artist: dun
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Dean/Sam
minor Dean/OFC, Dean/OMC, Sam/OFC, and Sam/OMC
Word Count: 36,900

Zachariah puts Sam and Dean in the Old West on opposite sides of the law. Some pacing problems--Sam's supposed to be hunting Dean, but he doesn't actually do much. An attempt at a realistic Lawrence, Kansas of the 1880's with one really big thing missing--anybody who isn't white (Lawrence was founded by free-staters and abolitionists for Pete's sake.), and a sense that the town is being written as much older and smaller than it really would have been by then (The University of Kansas was already established, yet Sam's this oddity from back East with his University education.)

Dean is a noble outlaw, Sam has the hots for him, and while I enjoyed their relationship a lot, I'm not predisposed to enjoy that kind of noble myth of the West story. (In case it needs to be said, I don't think my kick at that can is perfect by any means.)
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 Dean/Sam

queenklu: Due Supernatural [NC17] Sam/Dean MASTERPOST
Word Count: 30,475
Pairing: Sam/Dean (AU, not related. This is not a statement.)
Rating: NC17

due South fusion. I had fun reading this, and you almost need to be a due South fan to really get it. Sam is Fraser, and Dean is an amalgam of both Rays, which is an interesting way to sidestep the Ray wars. Dief is, well, an inspired bit, I thought. This is a difficult pair of fandoms to fuse, with the magic realism and quirky humour of dS proving the stumbling block. To fit the dS world into the Supernatural horror genre, you have to recognize that Fraser's persona in dS is a joke, and you have to get the joke and know who the butt of it is. This story actually takes that persona fairly seriously as a potentially real representation of Canadian behaviour, and the other Mounties are comic relief, but they're still played straight as it were. Er, thank you kindly, but, no, that didn't work for me.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 Dean/Sam

kelleigh: bells pond | master post.
Pairings: Sam/Dean. Sam/OMC [implied].
Rating: NC17
Estimated word count: 53,000
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers thru 5x15 [Dead Mean Don't Wear Plaid]

Really interesting premise, where Sam is trapped in a town with a handful of people and Dean visits once a year. I love the town, the descriptions of it, the people, and how they relate to each other. The early eerie atmosphere is created via Sam being an idiot and not talking to anyone, anf that was annoying, but over fast. I was not sold on the Dean/Sam, but if you don't need selling on that, you might really love this fic. I would have liked more Sam/OMC because that was interesting given their backgrounds and age difference, but alas, fandom demands its OTP. Still a good read though.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 Dean/Sam Sam/OMC

dreamlittleyo | SPN Fic (Big Bang): Fall on Your Yesterday's Heart
Pairing/Rating: John/Jo, Sam/Dean, R
Wordcount: 40,750 words
Warnings/Spoilers: Character deaths (canon), Spoilers through AHBL II

Jo goes back in time and meets John and his boys. I really, really loved the first part of this. I loved Jo with the kids, and I'm not the biggest fan of "does the best he can" John Winchester, but I could see Jo going for the guy. Jo with grown up Sam and Dean was not as much my thing, but the story moved along nicely and did interesting things with canon.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 John/Jo Dean/Sam

I'd Rather Laugh With The Sinners Than Cry With The Saints - I'd Gladly Lose Me To Find You
I'd Gladly Lose Me To Find You
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word Count: 35,942 words
Spoilers: Splits off completely from canon after the season 3 finale.

Sam takes a vow of silence to get Dean back. Creepy and weird in places, the changes Sam undergoes are really interesting but the logic holes in the plot (including the way the vow works) could accommodate that transport truck that smushed the Impala that one time. This is OTP fic--they love each other because they love each other, and works as a h/c kink fix, but not as a story.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 Dean/Sam

tryfanstone | Fic: Kant's Dove (SPN, Sam/Dean)
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC17
Word count: 34K

Okay, this is a weird one, even for me. I'm reccing this even though I read only a small bit of it. It's really not for me. The dystopian world of cocaine and hookers told in a slightly glamourized yet gritty way is not something I like. BUT--it's very well written and if that is your thing, give it a whirl. (This is the author who wrote the Winnie the Pooh apocafic.)
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 Dean/Sam

laru_tan_repus: Master Post: Bad Moon Rising
Fic title: Bad Moon Rising
Artist name: pretty_hostel
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17, just to be safe.
Word count: around 80k.

Interesting story. AU mid season 2, and it takes Sam and Dean on an interesting trip through a parallel canon. (This is an author from another fandom using a sock, and the style is different from fandom standard.) I caught on to the plot device used right off and still enjoyed the story. It is essentially a case fic and really didn't need to be this long to get where it was going though.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 Dean/Sam

rei_c: Fic: The Vernacular Process | Sam/Dean | Intro
Pairing: Sam/Dean (background Sam/Jess)
Rating: R
Word count: 27,000

AU where Sam discovers a past life in the Civil War era South. I wanted to like this story, and I like a lot of elements of it--reincarnation is an idea the SPN fic seems ripe for, but this read like an unfinished first draft. There's potential for the setting, both contemporary and past, to be a problem, but it gets addressed obliquely by Sam. There's a devoted housekeeper who is never really given a reason for her devotion--and if she's African American, that's a bit more than just a minor issue, but if her race is defined, I missed it. There's one brief scene with an African American woman who practices traditional magic, who if she had a greater role to play, would be a literal Magic Negro, but all in all, the story's too lightly sketched in for me to know what to think about it.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 Dean/Sam

Any Little Song That You Know - Chapter 1 - Gorgeous Nerd (gorgeousnerd) - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Category: Gen
Fandom: Supernatural
Stats: Words:31498

AU where Mary is alive and she has Dean while John has Sam. It weaves current canon in fairly well, and is an interesting take on who Dean would be with a "normal" life. The story structure is a bit clunky in places, and Dean seem a little immature for his age, but it was a fun read. Heed the warnings.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 Gen

Deep Breaths - trollprincess - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Rating: Mature
Archive Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Category: F/F
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Ellen Harvelle/Mary Winchester
Words: 21823

I already recced this, but why not once more! I really enjoyed this roller coaster ride through an alternate universe where Mary is raising Sam and Dean by herself. I love her and Ellen here, and don't be put off by the second person POV, it is necessary to the story and adds to the feeling of relentlessness.
Fandom:SPN SPN_bigbang_2010 ellen/mary

supernaturalfic: Second Glance, 1/1
A very unusual story. I love it passionately. My long review is here: http://facetofcathy.livejournal.com/58648.html
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

The World According To Fay - SPN fic. Sam/Dean/Bela, NC17
Interesting take on Bela, with the added interest of a body swap fuck or stay that way plot. Bela in Sam's body is really interesting. Dean not coping is a nice change. Subtle use of language to paint Dean's sense of vulnerability in a female body.
Fandom:SPN Bela/Dean/Sam

Normal as Blueberry Pie
Told from Carmen's POV this is her and Jessica realizing just what it means that Dean and Sam are close again. Almost heartbreaking, overlaid with the knowledge that this world isn't real, and yet it's very realistically told. Mary's pride in her sons' reconciliation is almost creepy, and the sense that Carmen and Jessica are allowing themselves to be betrayed is there, and yet, there's a lingering sense that Carmen is not so sure this is all wrong. Provocative story.
Fandom:SPN Jessica/Sam Carmen/Dean Dean/Sam

Archive of Our Own (rev. 1278) » series show
The Impala is a little more than a car. She takes the boys on quite a trip, and in the end--who's at the wheel?
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

Not Time's Fool - FayJay - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Long, plotty, slightly cracky story where Dean is transformed into a woman. And what a woman he is.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

I know this, I know this - Fic: A man with his insides out and his outsides off
Sam tries to rewrite history. I'd love, love, love a sequel.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

I know this, I know this - Fic: Looks On Tempests
future fic unashamedly sweet but still Dean being Dean and Sam being Sam
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

t_fic: When Push Comes to Shove, SPN, Sam/Dean, NC-17
Big bang from 08. This is a really good case story, a vacation story, a bit of a conduit fic, but in a good way. A really interesting take on how easily their relationship can get testy and strained, and how not much changes even when everything does.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

busaikko - SPN: Black Soul Choir (busaikko, R, gen)
A story about trans Dean where he is always himself and the world doesn't end. I loved this tale of Dean and Sam as children and John failing and sometimes not. I love the grounded in reality ending.

Sam and Dean as boys together, as men together and at the end of it all together.

Lovely insight into Mary. A skilful depiction of John and how he tries and fails and how Sam is shaped by this. Dean is the constant in the story, always perfectly Dean.

The depiction of Sam as a child is achingly perfect.
Fandom:SPN Gen

bemycasualty - Sing Him Home To Me
D/s with Dom Dean. Also AMTDI. Interesting Dom point of view. Poll that replaces the comments contains some of the usual simplifications and conflations of bottom and sub, but the story itself is good.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

memphis86: FIC: A Priori
Sam doesn't remember who he is, but this Dean guy sure catches his eye.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

with_a_kay: Happy EndingSpoilers for SPN 418 459 word
Ah, I needed that. The Monster at the End of This Book send up.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

rei_c: L'Oiseau de feu | L'Un de six
Drenched in wonderful imagery, a fairy tale of a SPN story that never loses the essentials of Sam and Dean. (I love the damn bird.)
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam