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Fandom: Supernatural RPF

This is everything tagged SPN_RPF up until about one month ago. Same caveats apply as for the Supernatural post (should be the one below), some is old and broken links are almost a given.

longsufferingly: Title: I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon
Sweet as treacle pie! Fourth in the series that begins when they're all in highschool. Which I remember as being more PWP than this one. All linked in the header.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Danneel/Jared/Jensen

padacklesrps: Fic: The Plan (Jared/Jensen) by bewaretheides
This was actually a lot of fun. Total PWP--ye olde amateur porn cuz we're broke, even though one of us is straight story. I think what I like (aside from one of my hot button issues getting a bit of attention, which makes me happy--no I'm not going to tell you and spoil the epic pontification of a rant I'll write about it someday. Sorry.) Starting over. What I like is the way the story is using the same style of not even pretending to hide the total crack premise that porn that is actually fun to watch has. There's cuddling in bed before the sex, I'm just saying. There's also a blink and you'll miss it guys give better head bit that is absurd, since the knowledgeable man has been written by a woman. This trope must die in a fire!
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen

makeit_takeit: Master Post - Screw You, We're From Texas
NC-17 - 75,000 words - Jared/Jensen (Also: Jared/OFC & /OMC, Jensen/OFC & /OMC)

Long, thoughtful, adult and very well-written exploration of trying to come to an understanding of gay or bi sexuality without any kind of context from the world around you. The author does a fabulous job with the Texas setting, the culture, and the ways in which it restricts people. (I would love to read the story of Amy, maybe figuring out she wants a bigger sandbox to build her life in too.) The OCs are all great, a varied and complex group of people. The college scenes early on really showcase how much jackass is an acceptable personality in some places.

The story wanders around in search of an ending and the dogs just vanish, but that was okay with me. I enjoyed the read, really liked the people and didn't mind meandering with them for a few chapters.

(Contains a great deal of partner betrayal, but not in a melodramatic angst-fodder way.)
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen SPN_bigbang_2010

Jensen and Jared belong together - A Timeless Connection J2 Bigbang
For a screencap of the offensive original header that warned for interracial sex, go here: http://facetofcathy.dreamwidth.org/160666.html

The author has chosen to delete the original posts on the big bang comm, after first deleting all comments objecting to the header, repost with no warning and include the passive aggressive phrase read at your own risk in the new master post.

The mods of the bigbang comm, The Highwaywoman and Wendy have remained silent throughout making them complicit in the cover up, repost and very absent evidence that the author has bought a fucking clue.

The story is 100% badfic, sex negative, misogynistic and full of slut shaming and other awesome things. The scene with Aldis is cringe-inducing fetishistic tripe. This story makes the world a worse place.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Your_Stereotypes_Are_Showing Fandom_Makes_Me_Cranky

riyku: fic: A Handful of Rain Masterpost
J2 AU - NC-17 - 33,000 words - Substance abuse, strong language.

My biases: I hate druggies with a ice-cold passion. I despise most American media depictions of addiction (demon blood included). I believe the addiction industry has a vested interest in its own failure.

So I was kind of surprised to really enjoy this story. This is fanfic, and has the usual time compression of events common to fic and a lot of source media too. But the story is well-written, paced really well, avoids any melodrama or emoporn and tells a simple, straight forward story of Jensen making choices about his own recovery. The romance is plausible, although the lack of any oversight of the place Jared runs is a plot convenience that makes it possible.

This is not a magic fix story, and the author is clear that Jensen will never really be "cured". Neither will Jared. I liked the subtle way his flaws are shown, and I liked all the OCs too. Good solid story with a core of realism and hope.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen SPN_bigbang_2010

timewillbe: Next Man Up - Master Post
Rythmsextion - 97,500 words - Jared/Jensen and Jared/Sandy - NC-17.

I really enjoyed this story, and I don't like American Football at all. There are links in the master post to some resources if you don't know anything about the game. I found all the game scenes fun to read, even though I'm not into that kind of sport, and the author resists the temptation to bend game outcomes into symbolic story points.

It's really hard to say exactly what I liked about this story the most without giving the game away. It's an engaging character driven story about Jared as a rookie quarterback for the Cowboys and his developing and changing relationship with Jensen, the not so rookie QB he will ultimately replace. I like that neither main character is a flawless creature, and the football world is shown with enough realism to satisfy a sports cynic like me, and enough love to satisfy the true fans. I think the relationship between Jared and Jensen is portrayed the same way.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen SPN_bigbang_2009

the mijmeraar hour. - The Ramblers, Part One, mijmeraar.
Jensen/Jared - R - 36,566 words

AU. Jared is a one-hit movie star and Jensen is a no-hit photographer.

I deeply adore the story this fic almost is. If you can get past a few issues, it's fab, melancholy and jittery at the same time, like a too-caffeinated hangover. The OCs are real people especially when they aren't, and the compare and contrast of all the different breakups and relationships was very well done. This is very sophisticated and adult in concept.


The execution has some problems that kept me from really feeling pulled in by the story. YMMV. There are some Britishisms in dialogue. There's a lot of typos and that word doesn't mean what you think it means, and with prose this stylized, I found that an issue. Jensen ran away at 16 (?), and ended up in the all-straight part of San Francisco. Not one gay friend out of a sitcom's worth crowd of characters. This is a fic where I'd have found it more believable if the characters were 10 years older.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen SPN_bigbang_2010

Kimberley - Big Bang 2010 - TIME IS FLUID - Master Post
Jared/Other, past Jensen/Chris, Jensen/Jared Rating: NC-17 Word count: 60,600

Breaking my rules here to review one I won't be finishing. I stopped right here, and I quote, "Glaring, Jensen let his gaze flit from Owen to Sterling and back again. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll get a leash for that thing.”"

That's Sterling K. Brown, the actor who played Gordon Walker. Now, bad enough that TPTB at SPN never quite grasped why having a black recurring character--one of two that season that ended up dead--be a violent monomaniac who was beheaded by Sam was a poor choice, but this author expanded that problematic source by using Sterling K. Brown as a violent, dehumanized, chauffeur (JFC, a chauffeur, how novel) in a fic where he does the bidding, unthinkingly--cuz dude's just like that--of the slick, evil man Jensen saves Jared from. GET A LEASH FOR THAT THING!!!!! THING!!!!! The fic is sickeningly heteronormative too, and no, having 2 Latinos in it doesn't make it ok.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen SPN_bigbang_2010 Fandom_Makes_Me_Cranky Your_Stereotypes_Are_Showing

akintay: Until You Catch On (I'll Hold My Breath), Masterpost
Jared/Jensen (as well as Jensen/OMCs and mentions of Jared/OMC) - Rating: NC-17 - ~35,000 words

Sweet and simple romance where Jensen and Jared start out friends and finally have the conversation that lets them move on to something more. This is character study stuff, so there's not a lot of plot. The friendship is genuine and fun to read and the conflict that keeps them from talking openly is not the usual contrived stuff, although it comes close. They both have real reasons for not coming clean. This is not deep, but it is a nice light fun read.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen Jensen/OMC Jared/OMC SPN_bigbang_2010

Ever After - Meri - J2 - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
Not Rated - J2 - « Part 2 of the Montovia series - 29910 words

Prequel is linked from this story. The prequel is a harlequin challenge style fic where Jared is King of a European principality. It uses a standard romance plot, but with the melodrama replaced with some realistic class conflict and jeopardy. The Big Bang sequel is what the title says, the ever after--not quite perfectly happy.

I liked Jensen's struggles to adapt and the difficulty he has dealing with his family, his new position and wondering just what the hell he's doing. Seemed very real. I like the kids, wonder of wonders, but the someone ineffectually trying to kill the King wore a bit thin after a while. What comes after the declaration of love and the proposal isn't everyone's thing, but I enjoyed this.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen SPN_bigbang_2010

Planetfall - ciaan - CW RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Explicit - Jared/Jensen - 20196 words

This is a similar story to the community garden BB which I didn't finish so isn't reviewed here, and The Theory of Convergence which I didn't care for. Steeped in class privilege Jensen and a Jared who is of the underclass is the theme of all three. This story plays that conflict the best in that they both see the world from their own POV, and fail to see the other sides of some issues. They both have flaws and virtues and the sex scene here is a continuation of the ways they don't connect as well as the ways they do, rather than a magic cure for their differences.


This story is very sketched in, so it depends on the reader's imagination to fill in the meat of the tale. I like what is here, some of the sci-fi elements are cool but it isn't enough for a complete story.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen

alasse: j2 rps fic: between miles and a stone's throw, master post
44,000 words - NC-17 - Jared/Jensen.

Non-AU, near-future fic. Relationship story that takes place during season five and after. Deals in a fairly low-key way with issues of coming out, family expectations, and trying to figure out what kind of relationship both people want. Enjoyable read with some good insights into how relationships work in the real world.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

beckaandzac: Big Bang Masterpost: And the Greatest of These Is Love (RPF AU, J2, NC-17)
J2 - NC-17 - Warnings: religious themes, underage sex (characters are 16/17) - Wordcount: 23,600

Church AU - This is like reading science fiction for me, so I can't speak to any issues of accuracy regarding the actual church. It is a very sweet story with characters who act like sheltered teenagers just learning to see the world beyond their own nose. This is not a coming out to the parents story at all, so it's a bubble story, never straying beyond the two Js, and that part is gently told, but still quite engaging.

I'm not sure about the scene where Jensen asks if you can be gay and still a Christian (at a gay youth group) and gets no answer. Even I've heard of the Metropolitan Community Church, and they have over 150 churches in the US. You know these two have some major shit to face up to, for example the trope you never see--having to keep lying so your parents will pay for college, and then dealing with that when you stop.

Cute story, but unsatisfying.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen

pigeongirl99: Masterpost - On The Long and Weary Road (Where the Music Played and I was Lost and you were Found)
Jensen/OMCs, Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Chris Kane, Jensen/Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Rating: 18 - Warnings/Spoilers: Mentions, allusions, and some scenes of the following- violence (domestic and otherwise), child abuse, underage sex (consensual), non-con and dub-con.

Jazz age AU. Really lovely and lush writing. I enjoyed this story immensely. This is not a romance. It is a subtle take on the Jensen as woobie, as victim and as feminized sexual object trope that the fandom is built on. Interestingly, the Jensen/Jared reads as a flicker of a look into another, maybe smoother, path this Jensen never takes. This story is about Jensen and his wandering improvisational journey bouncing from place to place, every bounce leaving a bruise, some that hurt sweetly and some that just hurt. Jensen is very emotional attached to jazz and blues, but I didn't read this as him having an appropriative response, or too perfect an understanding of the music.

Fabulous, unusual story.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jensen/OMC Jensen/JDM Jensen/Chris_Kane Jared/Jensen

Ancasta's Corner - Redemption, Master Post
Jensen/Jared - NC-17 - 102,565 words

Warnings/Spoilers: Sex, violence/torture (not horribly graphic), language, slavery (of a sort—the vibe here is D/s, but it's subtle and consensual), h/c, the inappropriate use of food, dodgy science, a small adorable child, and a touch of schmoop

Jared sells himself into indentured servitude as a sex worker, ie: consenting to give up the right to consent. Jensen calls the shots in all ways, as the owner. I don't see that as quite D/s.

I enjoyed the schmoopy fall in love with your paid companion story, which was well paced, but the thriller ending didn't work for me. If you're into h/c as a kink, you might like it. I felt it lacked suspense.


The futuristic world where no one eats real food is a world where business is run by white guys, the black guy's the chauffeur, the security are men, the secretaries and salespeople are women, but the IT guy is a guy. The future is just like TV is now only without the homophobia--awesome.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen Your_Stereotypes_Are_Showing

atimi: Neon Showman - Masterpost
I have an odd sense of humour. Other people will laugh and laugh at something that just leaves me baffled. This is not one of those stories. I laughed so hard, it was an aerobic workout. This story is ostensibly J2, but really you want to read it for the Chad. He's wacky, plausibly, logically, jack-assily, hilariously Chad. I was hooked from the first sentence.

The romance he witnesses is sugary sweet and simple and easy, and he's the perfect salty foil for all that sugar. A genuinely fun and funny read.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

lostt1: Fic: Just So You Know (Beautiful Soul) Master Post (J2/PG13)
Au where Jared's older brother is Jensen's childhood friend. Jensen lives in L.A., is secretly a song writer and is conflicted when Jared comes to stay with him, because he's been in love with Jared for years. In fact, all his songs are really about Jared.

Plays the mutually oblivious card and a few other fic clichés, but not too heavily. This was a fun, light relationship fic that had some good supporting characters, a slightly too good to be true Jeff, and a nice satisfying ending. In other words, it's a sweet little confection with a tasty frosting, so when you want dessert, this is where you head.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

winterlive: [ Talking Points ]
Texas politics in the style of the West Wing, with Jensen as a State Senator with ambitions and Jared as the reporter who goes undercover on his team. Snappy dialogue, adult relationships, interesting political plot, fantastic background characters--I loved this, it's a wonderful grown-up story.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

belyste: Say You're Mine (J2, NC-17) Master Post
This is based on the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. I have seen one full episode of that show, which managed to give the game away on a joke in the fic, but it was still funny, so no worries. The background relationship between his two friends who are getting married is fun and well told, the comic relief is provided by Mike (playing the NPH character, I believe) and the whole thing is satisfying and complex enough to hold up under the length. This is a nice light, but still adult, relationship story.

The fic is now famous in fandom for a wank started by some mouses on the master post about it being an 'everyone's gay' story. The post on fanfic rants this inspired is particularly educational, in that it took me a while to realize the real complaint of a lot of the posters was that they'd rather no one in their slash was gay. One comment there is definitely the first time I've ever seen a well-written femslash B plot held up as an example of the 'erasure of women' in fic.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

longsufferingly: Title: My Name Is TroubleAuthor: poor_ch
This is a simple non-AU J2 future fic, with a nice easy-going style, tight focus of the relationship. Not really a big bang extravaganza, but an enjoyable read, well told, interesting characterizations, and a satisfying ending. Jared has left the business, Jensen has stopped having much of a life and they haven't spoken in years. Circumstances give them an opportunity to sort themselves out. Danneel is especially well done here, as a complex person with her own motives and emotions.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

balefully: FIC: We Flow Together (Once and Forever), Master Post
Fusion with Splash. The plot is thin, well the movie likely didn't have much of one, and what the fic really is is a long PWP with more explicit sex than I think I have ever read in a fic of this length.

This is not a bad thing. Seriously, the sex is the point of this fic, and it's fascinating, well written, sexy, funny and very unusual. The conceit is that Jared learns the technical details of sex from porn, and then adds his own shameless enthusiasm to the mix. The key word there is shameless. The sex is porn-film exuberant, full of cheesy dialogue, and there is not one iota, not one molecule, of shame, self loathing or negativity. This is sex-positiveness cranked up to eleven. The way the porn-tastic sex scenes have been washed clean of all the toxins that have seeped into slash fic from mainstream porn made this a refreshing, delightful read.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

rfair_fiction - Big Bang 2009: "Painted Skies" - J2 AU, NC-17
This is a gentle romance where Jared is a college student and Jensen is the 23-year-old son of some ranchers. Jared works on the ranch for the summer and sparks fly. Jensen has conflicted feelings about his sexuality, and this is portrayed with commendable restraint. He's unsure, a bit of a dick, as one is at that age, but not some emo-a-sauraus. Background characters have some life and individuality here, Jensen's parents are actual people, and the story is sweet and satisfying, if a little sketched in with too light a hand in places.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

drvsilla: Seeing Daylight || Source Post
See http://facetofcathy.dreamwidth.org/11960.html for longer review.

The voice, both character and narrative, is what strikes you first in this fic. I think it's very, very well done. The cadence of the cowboy speech comes through subtly, and there are real differences between the speech of Jensen, Jared and the other characters that are driven by who they are in the story.

The pace of the story is slowed down to suit the theme, too. I don't mean it drags, not at all, I mean the pacing, the way it's written sets the right mood.

The Jensen in this story is really a quintessential American fictional hero, laconic, honourable, stoic, physically aggressive, intensely honest--he is the mythical cowboy of all eras. Here, of course, he is gay, and that does not need to be a tragedy, and no unrealistic fantasy world needs to be written around him to keep it from being a tragedy. That's why I really love these stories.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

sophie_448: Fic: [Big Bang 2009 MASTER POST] Suburban Cape Cod Blues (You Can Find Anything At Wal-Mart)
This is a coming out story about Jensen, a recently outed country singer, hiding out in a mythical University town in New England where he meets Jared, an openly gay professor. At issue is Jensen's view of his own sexual identity and how that changes after he gets involved with Jared; he starts out unwilling to even label himself as gay and ultimately has to reconsider a lot of his life choices.

I enjoyed Jensen going out his first date with a man, actually spending the whole night, and finding out how the other half lives--the other half being out gay people. No, there is no scene of abuse or violence from random members of the public, but then, he is supposed to be hiding, and there is no pretence that he is not going to suffer a career hit if he publicly discusses his sexuality. I found this to be a nice light, fun take on a subject that is serious, but isn't treated irreverently, just without boatloads of angst.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

apreludetoanend: To Teach the Human Heart the Knowledge of Itself [Jensen/Jared, R]
This is a relationship story set against a backdrop of a vivid and real and enjoyable story about the arts group described in the summary. I loved the balance here between the relationship plot and Jensen's realizations about his career goals. The rest of Jensen's life, and the rest of the story do not take a backseat to his growing attraction to Jared. His relationship with Jared affects his life, and the play they're doing, but it doesn't overwhelm the story. Questions of sexuality are subtly told here, not explicitly spelled out, and I think this fic is what happens when you take the old slash tropes of thirty years ago and tell them with more maturity. You could rewrite the ending and end up with smarm or WNGWJLEO in a really bad way, but that's not what this is. I liked this story a lot, and that word mature suits it. It's not explicit, but it is an adult story.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen SPN_bigbang_2009

certainentropy: A Complicated Love and Affection Between Two Men - Master Post
This is a slight AU where Jared is still Jared, but Jensen's career stalled somewhere in the nineties. It is also a take on an (actual?) reality show called Bromance. What I know about reality shows, you could write on a matchbook cover. The author realizes that such shows are scripted, and that was refreshing, and I enjoyed Mike and Jensen more than any other characters. Jensen's epic failure at the Hollywood lifestyle is really enjoyable. As a Mike/Jensen fic, this would have been fantastic. As it stands, if you don't need a reason for your OTP to be attracted to each other, this is a fun little story.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

You say I'm obsessed like it's a bad thing. - A Place in This World Masterpost
This is a simple neighbours fall in love story. There's an olive, er, a kid, who is cute but not too cute, and a perfectly tolerant neighbourhood and family. I enjoyed the pace of the relationship build, and the fact that the relationship has to include the kid, which this does. This is a not too sweet and enjoyable read.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

juice817: Little Bit of Inertia, Little Bit of Momentum Master Post
This is the story of Jared and Jensen who were friends as children every summer at a cabin in the mountains, but haven't seen each other in ten years. Jensen has been avoiding Jared because he's in love with him. Their families kidnap (yes literally) Jensen and make him come back for another summer together.

I don't like family meddling in relationships. This fic walks up to the door of that, but mostly stays on the porch, so I was okay with it. I don't like kids. I really don't like most kids in fic, but the nephew of Jared's here is realistically annoying and endearing, and I kind of liked him more than the adults. I don't like stories that make Jared the same age as Jensen just so they can be set in high school or to make them childhood friends. This one only mildly annoyed me on that score, and that's mostly down to how enjoyable the story itself was once Jensen got untied, got his assumptions corrected, and they got on with things.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

lazy_daze: J2 AU Big Bang fic; Topspin
This is a Wimbledon AU, or more properly, a story about tennis players Jared and Jensen as they meet at Wimbledon and how their relationship progresses over the course of several Grand Slam events.

The relationship here is one of antagonistic sex that eventually, with a lot of bumps in the road, turns to something more complex. I enjoyed the story and the relationship, and the tennis parts are mostly well-told. I could nitpick the tennis world that's described, but I'm not going to hold this fic to a higher standard on those kinds of details than I would something I know less about. The descriptions of the matches themselves are excellent.

The ending is really not at all to my taste. My taste is not fandom standard on this--most people will love it.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

jasmasson: Fic: In Retrospect (I'd rather have been a poet) Prologue, J2, NC17, COMPLETE
This is a secret agent AU with Jensen as a person trained from childhood to be, essentially, a goon. JDM is the bad guy here, but the story is more about the relationships than the plot.

The opening tone of the story, light banter with a nice zing to the dialogue, is not the tone of the whole piece. Jensen is pining over Jared. Jared is the only person who really likes Jensen, but he's living with his fiancée, and then JDM makes an appearance and everyone's lives are changed.

I enjoyed the story, the action scenes are good, the history between Jensen and JDM is better told than in your average thriller, but the resolution didn't work for me. I think this is an olive thing, and this story really is outside the borders of what I usually read.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

gatorgrrrl: Big Bang 2009 MASTER POST: In Harm's Way (J2 AU, NC-17)
{Edited down from my review at the time} Spy AU with a complex plot, fleshed out relationships, OCs, subplots. The terrorism plot is as realistic as anything you'd see in a movie, so not very, but it's not anti-Arab or anti-Muslim. {Others quietly disagreed about this at the time.}

One OC makes a joke about a transperson, and mocks a Spanish accent. Both a play for laughs of some off-screen person's differences from perceived norms. If Jared, who works with this woman while undercover, is offended by or even notices her behaviour is not made clear. This attitude is not in the story, it's in the mind of one character, but she proceeds unchecked, and I can't tell if the author thinks those sorts of 'jokes' are funny, or if just the character does. There is also a scene that assumes very stereotypical gender dynamics in Indian families. I really felt like this spoiled an otherwise enjoyable action-adventure story that was surprising light on the emo given the subject matter.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen Your_Stereotypes_Are_Showing

Oy with the Poodles! - Winchester & Colt (J2, AU, R)
Jared is a bored assistant who can't seem to do anything right in the eyes of his boss. His real passion is the vigilante hero Winchester whom he emulates, follows, gets in the way of, and eventually realizes is his boss, Jensen. Jensen decides to make him his boy wonder, grudgingly, and they start training. JDM, as the bad guy, rolls into town and precipitates a crisis.

This was a mostly fun and light superhero pastiche that had a naive and flailing Jared who wants a purpose, and a Jensen who uses his vigilante persona to deal with his past, batman style. The ending rushes up on you pretty fast, and gets a little too emo for me—it feels like the first part of a longer story—but the idea was fun.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

Gila's Cave - SPN RPS: Terraform 1/1
SF AU that uses a familiar space station setting to tell a fun romance wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a, well, SF plot. Jensen is the guy who likes to be alone, who is happy working with just his robots on a terraforming station until all the people start to show up. One of the people is bar owner Jared. Jared likes Jensen, but doesn't push when Jensen's a little slow to respond. They get together, and Jensen gets used to Jared, even when he induces Jensen to socialize and starts naming the robots. Then Jensen starts to wonder, why is everything going so well?

I enjoyed the story, the setting is lightly sketched in, and is as much a trope as the romance really, but it was a fun story and I enjoyed the characters. The ending may have benefited with some more fleshing out.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

Morgan's Free Rangers -
http://facetofcathy.dreamwidth.org/24331.html AU as in an actual alternate historical reality and Western.

Interesting story, very difficult to describe--the story summary is (possibly intentionally) not very helpful. See my long review at above link. I enjoyed it and in made me think, but I had issues as well. Fascinating structure using links and images--not something you want to read in plain text. Multiple other pairings. More non-white characters than any fanfic I've ever read, and the most realistic Western setting I've ever seen.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2009 Jared/Jensen

raeschae: Coda: Master Post
J2 - NC-17 - 35,000 words

Hard to navigate as plain text. The story is well paced and kept my interest, even when the music references sailed a thousand miles over my head. I enjoyed the J+J scenes.

But...(unpopular opinion)

The central conflict here is about coming out, specifically that Jensen did not want to then (or was maybe psycobablishously incapable of), and accidentally does now. The scene with all his straight friends expressing their disapproval that he "never told them" when they knew anyway is, well, kind of offensive. There's such a moral weight put on being out as a good and easy thing to do, and Jared's anger is that Jensen would not do it, not that they handled their disagreement over it like soap opera teenagers. I cannot imagine (as in am not able to) what it feels like to make the decision about coming out. Like the joke goes, no one ever asks me how long I've been straight. I cannot put a moral value on someone else's choice, even a fictional someone.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen

The Sinister Nature of Cul-de-Sacs: Masterpost
Author: fahrbot
AU - Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~38k
Warnings/Spoilers: Non-deadly violence, mentions of past deadly force

My content label: mentions past animal harm, depicts threats to animals, Jared is agoraphobic

This is a fascinating story that the summary doesn't do justice to. It starts out like a cracky horror spoof, but then it gets to the J+J relationship and that is very well done, when it could have gone oh, so wrong. I love Aldis Hodge as Jensen's friend a giant amount. There's wacky Mike and weird Misha, and some very metatextual scenes, but none in annoying quantities. I like the way Jensen and Jared talk about Jared's situation, but their relationship is about them as people not Jared's disability, and Jensen's lack of self-confidence is as big an obstacle to them getting together. The ending is a bit rushed, but I like the way it plays with off-screen scenes left to the imagination. This is not a magic cure story. Well paced, unusual story.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen

tsuki_no_bara: Dillinger's Got Nothing On Us: The Short Life and Interesting Times of the Jay Gang Master Post
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~28,900

Depression era bank robbers--more like that Highlander episode with Nicholas Lea than Bonnie and Clyde. Fun read, not a lot of plot, more just enjoyable character moments, so if you're looking for gripping action, this might not be for you. I liked Chad a lot in this one, but Chris just read like Eliot Spencer to me. I think readers would enjoy this more if they know going in that it is not really romance at all, just a good friendship story. The expectation that the romance plot was going to appear at any moment was distracting.

There's a pair of OCs in the story that were drawn so deftly and interestingly, that I wanted to drive off with them and know their story, but that was not to be. The story does wander astray a bit in search of an ending, but it gets back on track fairly quickly.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Gen

elanorelle: fic | If I loved you less [big bang master post]
pairing: Jared/Jensen (various side pairings)
rating: PG-13
word count: 35,725
warnings/notes: Shameless co-opting of Jane Austen's Emma and a startling lack of porn. Title adapted from Emma.

I confess to not being an Austen fan, so I've never even seen a film adaptation of Emma. I loved, loved, loved the way Jared and Jensen are together at the end--not really a spoiler, surely? And while the lead up was enjoyable and well written and well paced, Jared had to be dimmer than a nightlight sometimes to make the plot work. I enjoyed his drifting, feckless self, actually, and I like the way the author translated Austen's idle wealthy characters into this modern setting, but I just wasn't buying the total lack of self-awareness necessary to make it all hang together. This isn't the first big bang where the characters would work better for me if they were much, much younger.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen

Hail Mary by rhythmsextion - Master Post
Adult, Jared/Jensen, Jensen/OMC ~117,000 words - Sequel to last year's football fic and that was one of my top five fics from last year. We catch up here with Jensen out, and just hired by the Cowboys as a coach. I love the OMC that Jensen gets involved with, the players, Danneel and Jared, who gets right back into the swing of being buddies with Jensen. Jensen's unwillingness to be a symbol of gay pride is part of the plot. I know some folks want to read about gay folks who are out in more positive and supportive ways, but he's a coach in the NFL and this is a very realistic story. I enjoyed this a lot, as much as the original. ***Caveat: There is one clunky line early on where an OC, a young African American player Jensen will coach, is introduced. "The kid laughs, bright white teeth a stark contrast to his dark skin." I wish that wasn't there, but the character himself is a fully realized, well-rounded guy. Issues around race in the NFL are not touched on in this story.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen Jensen/OMC

magellanflies: Things We Can't Untie: Masterpost
Author: astrangerfate
Pairings: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 53,000
Warnings: Slavery, non-con, dub-con, beating, spanking, morally reprehensible characters, perennially angst-ridden characters, more porn than plot, popsicle porn, language.

This was interesting, if quite unsatisfying. This is an institutionalized slavery AU where Jensen is manouevered into becoming a sex slave trainer even though he doesn't really approve of the system he lives under. The way the fic shows corporate conformity and Jensen's willful obliviousness as the underpinning of the society is the best part. I also like Jared and Jensen's totally non-standard way of relating, but Jared remains a cypher from beginning to end, and the sex--all of it essentially non consensual--is interesting to read in an abstract way, but isn't sexy or emotionally satisfying to me. Unless slavery AUs are your kink, there isn't any emotional climax to the story, and the ending is just too pat to be meaningful.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen

deirdre_c: SPN Fic: By All Means, Rome - Master Post
characters: Jared/Jensen
rating: NC-17
length: ~28,000 words

J2 modern version of Roman Holiday. I loved this a lot. I love the film too, but this does what a slash take on a romantic film is supposed to do, it brings into focus the gender dynamics in the original and reimagines the story in a new way. In the original, Audrey Hepburn's princess is bound as much by the requirement that she be visibly chaste as she is by her fame. In this story, Jensen the action flick star doesn't have that problem, he just thinks he can't be out. There's potential for real OTT melodrama with the plot premise that Jared knows who Jensen is and isn't letting on, but that gets played so lightly here, it doesn't take away from the story. A reel winner. (See what I did there?)
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen

t_fic: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine, CWrps, Jared/Jensen, NC-17
Author: topaz119
Artist: facesplitgrin
Pairing: JP/JA
Rating/Warnings: NC-17; explicit m/m sex.
Length: ~35,000 words

AU where Jared is a guy who won a contest to be a reality show chef and Jensen is the guy sent to do a magazine article on him. I enjoyed this for the most part. It's well written and their connection is realistic and fun and a not too angsty. There major relationship conflict is that they just don't talk about things that they should talk about, but that's character based, not just a plot trope. I like Jared in this, he seems like a believable down to earth guy. Good read, and not too foodyish if you're not into that.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen

This is me... - Fic: The Nightporter: NC-17: J2: Big Bang 2010: Masterpost
Fic: The Nightporter
Author: avon_09
Artist: emptyheaven
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Word Count: 20,100

Interesting AU where Jensen works in a London hotel and meets Jared right before his wedding. I liked their growing intimacy and obvious attraction, didn't like the "only penetration is real sex" idea, but that's hard to not trip over in fic, I just didn't buy into Jared's lack of experience given that he's an actor in Hollywood. Seemed like that was in there as a fantasy element or fic kink, not for character or plot reasons. The rest of the story has a wonderful realistic tone to it.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen

balefully: FIC: Grin and Bare It, Master Post
Jared/Jensen Rating: NC-17 Words: 32,700

My Warning: This fic contains graphic depictions of homophobia, misogyny, ageism, sizeism, sex-negativity, and bigotry to sex workers.

AU where Jared is a stripper and Jensen is an asshole. Seriously, the guy is a homophobic, misogynistic, self-loathing pig with a sexuality crisis. Which is kind of the point, because Jared hates him at first, and kind of likes him against his will. All of this is fine--no need for plaster saints after all--but Jensen and Jared become friends and Jensen never changes, they start fucking and have magically complementary sexual kinks, which they never talk about, and Jensen never changes. He is not called to account for trying to induce a drunk woman to have sex with him, and although Jared does call him on his stripper=whore talk, and Jensen apologizes, we never see him grow the fuck up. Jensen just stops being so horrible because he's getting laid the way he likes. Can we get Jared an intervention here?
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen

you say i'm smitten. - fic: a spotlight on these desolate dreams (j2, adult.) master post.
Title: a spotlight on these desolate dreams
Author: _mournthewicked
Artist: woodstarling
Beta: kamikaze_redux
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: Adult.
Warnings: Minor character death (on and off screen), violence, angst.
Word Count: ~ 50,000

Noir AU, but with a contemporary setting. I have mixed feelings about this story. The present-day case is interesting, and I like Jared having to deal with a past he ran away from while solving a murder mystery, but I found the flashbacks not very compelling and the backstory of teenage detectives pretty hard to believe--it seemed tonally off from the present-day story.

I couldn't tell right away when the action changed between flashback and present story, and I just don't think the reader should be left to struggle to keep up like that. The author's take on noir detective dialogue and internal monologue did not work for me very well. I'm not sorry I read it, but this one didn't make we go wow like it seemed to for lots of people.
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen

__tiana__: a theory of convergence | R | jared/jensen [master post]
characters: Jared/Jensen, Katie, Danneel, Misha
rating: R for language and sexual situations
length: 24,470ish words

The basic premise here is that Jared is a working-class boy who falls for rich and brilliant soon to be graduating college boy Jensen. The story is sweet and entertaining, but I was brought up short by the realistic tone used to tell a story that reads to me like it takes place in a fantasy world. Both Jared and Jensen come off like very innocent and earnest boys from the 1950s, and the issues around Jared's class background are very glossed over (massive understatement). It's well-written in other ways, but too far from reality for me--you might love it, who knows!
Fandom:SPN_RPF SPN_bigbang_2010 Jared/Jensen

yourperiphery: you move me - j2-remix
Remix of http://pocketfullof.livejournal.com/294366.html.

The original story is cute and fun, as intended. The remix has a really subtly drawn Jared, Genevieve--who isn't even in it beyond a couple of references, yet you know her vividly--and Jensen. This is not gay only for you, this is I didn't know I was bi until you. Jared is a teacher, Jensen is his mover--they almost connect, but Jared needs to take some time first. Wonderful story.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen

beckaandzac: Fic: follow you until you love me (for j2_remix, semi-AU, NC-17)
A good story and an excellent remix of http://lazy-daze.livejournal.com/571018.html.

The original story walks a very fine line that almost has a creepy controlling Jared. This one leaps over the line with abandon. Jensen is very (maybe too?) quick to accept it.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen

I've Got My Hands Up So Take Your Aim - R | J2 | Give Life
Cute bit of fluff that requires you to hand wave the fact that gay men can't give blood in America. Is schmoop really more valuable than recognizing oppression and bigotry?
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen Fandom_Makes_Me_Cranky

cjmarlowe: MASTER POST: Paved With Hearts (CWRPS AU, Jared/Jensen, PG-13)
Based on Heidi. JDM as the uncle in the mountains, Chad as the first real friend Jared has, and Jensen as the man that climbs the mountain for him. Fascinating take on a classic story, great use of minor characters--I love Chad in this--wonderful setting. Also a plus, an author who realizes that Vancouver is just not that cold!
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen

kestrelsan: Fiction: And It's a Whole New Ball Game, pt. 1 of 2 (CW RPS; JA/JP)
Baseball au that's mostly about Jared and his sexuality. Spare, clean style with a realistic tone--just my thing, in other words.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen

vorpalblades: FIC: Put That Thing Back Where It Came From (or so help me)
A J2 sequel to Monsters Inc. It's sweet and funny and has a really hot, non-standard sex scene.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen

the mijmeraar hour. - [mijmeraar] GODOT, J2, R.
Jared and what he doesn't have. Sad, gently angsty, wonderful Misha scene. Sparkling silver if you have the taste for this sort of thing.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Genevieve

Fics by Ms Soma - Standing On The Outside Looking In, J2, PG-13
Lovely outsider POV. Like being told a story over a good cup of coffee
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen