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3 Ships stories and a couple of others.

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Mostly 3 Ships stories this time, with a couple of SPN fics at the end. I have not read any of the White Collar fics at 3 Ships. I seem to like very uncommon dynamics in my El/Neal/Peter, so I might have a look at them some other time. I also haven't had time to dip into the Merlin fics yet either. Still, there's lots of good stories from this year and past years at 3 Ships, check it out and see if your favourite fandoms are there.

I Saw Three Ships: You Don't Need to Walk a Mile in My Shoes
Eliot thinks he needs to leave because he's too tainted for them. Which I don't quite buy. This is well written and the basic Eliot voice (the other two are barely there) is good, but the we know you're a killer, Eliot, it's totes okay ending is a kind of nice and also a bit skeevy at the same time. It illustrates where the show sometimes fails when they make Eliot's violence so cartoonish and the earnest, emotional tone of the core relationships (both in canon and in this story) seems weird next to that. Well, for me obviously, YMMV.
Fandom:Leverage Alec/Eliot/Parker 3_ships

I Saw Three Ships: Separation Anxiety
Not an incest story which the header does not mention. Frankly, I read it to see if it was.

This is an angsty canon AR with the V as an existing relationship in the present set around that SG1 episode with all the alt SG1 teams and a flashback to how the relationship started. The flashback is not fleshed out enough for me, and the present day angsting isn't my cup of tea. I would have thought the story needed to at least address siblings having a V with another person and how that would work, but that's not what this is about. Not my thing.
Fandom:SGA Fandom:SG1 Jeannie/Rodney/Sam 3_ships

I Saw Three Ships: Kissing
Good Kaylee voice and a really fun Simon/Kaylee dynamic, but when Mal got mixed in it became a muddle of trying to fit monogomist expectations into a poly relationship. I didn't really feel like that muddle was all the characters' problem. Not my sort of story.
Fandom:Firefly Kaylee/Mal/Simon 3_ships

I Saw Three Ships: Friday Afternoon
part kid!fic, part ER, part slice of life. I liked the third part best, but kid!fic is not my thing. Frannie as a cop was cool.
Fandom:due_South Benton/Ray/Ray 3_ships

I Saw Three Ships: Insight Like Ashes
I think this is a pretty rare pairing for the fandom (not that I'd really know) so that was my main reason for reading. PWP--funny in places, hot and in the tone of the show where sex is as common as the pizza delivery. I like how the author kept Owen, irritatingly Owen, but still managed to make the sex seem like something Tosh and Ianto would want.
Fandom:Torchwood Ianto/Owen/Tosh 3_ships

I Saw Three Ships: Adapting to One's Environment: Or, How to Live With People Who Drive You Up the Wall
I thought this fic was going the way of carve bits of yourselves off to fit, but it didn't end up that way. It's not Cinderella either. I really enjoyed the negotiations and dynamics, the tone is a bit too far into angst land for me, but the story was enjoyable enough to make me not mind.
Fandom:Leverage Alec/Eliot/Parker 3_ships

I Saw Three Ships: The Aconitum Job
Fun story and a bit crack and a good case!fic and a cute romance.

Good read.
Fandom:Leverage Alec/Eliot/Parker 3_ships

I Saw Three Ships: Dynamics
I enjoyed this a lot. Kirk is as much of a doofus as he should be and McCoy was perfect and I could see him in a casual/not casual relationship with Kirk. I wasn't 100% sold on the Spock/Kirk although the McCoy and Spock poking at the Kirkian ego was fun. Spock is weirdly referred to as "the Vulcan" nearly always by Bones and Jim. Which was, well, weird and kind of old skool, but there wasn't the corresponding, "the Doctor" to go with it.

Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of K/S in TOS and I always have a hard time with these pairings in Reboot because I do like it but the attempt to imagine this story with those other three guys is always disorienting.
Fandom:Trek_Reboot Kirk/McCoy/Spock 3_ships

I Saw Three Ships: An Octopus Has Three Hearts
I really enjoyed the River voice in this. I love when author's succeed in showing how what she says makes sense in her own mind. All three are each themselves and work as three in a way that works for me. Good read.
Fandom:Firefly Inara/Kaylee/River 3_ships

Crashing Down (We Fumble Through) - waterofthemoon - Supernatural RPF [Archive of Our Own]
There's now enough fic with this threesome that this can be called the main trope. Danneel initiates what is an otherwise un-negotiated encounter and a PWP results where both men are fine with bisexual activity. It's like a negative image of the old conduit fic, and just as much unrealistic fantasy.

Which doesn't mean it's still not fun, and this is a good one, with a fairly egotistical Jared and a not too neurotic Jensen.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Danneel/Jared/Jensen

How the West Was Won - keerawa - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Excellent short fic where Sam grows up a Harvelle and when he meets Dean, they spark like they're meant to go (hunt) together. (Gift for me, written to my prompt.) Good read.
Fandom:SPN Gen