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Not a cornucopia of fic, but a mixed bag.

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This post is sort of like what you'll find in the Farmer's Market this time of year--In the Northern Hemisphere, that is. Sorry if my Southern readers thought they were getting a bountiful harvest. A couple of these were recced at my journal, so appologies for the duplication, and for the very rare flame that's in this batch.

I'm not putting my [community profile] sherlock_flashfic recs here, you'll find them at my journal too.

Homework - busaikko - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Dave Sheppard story! Almost a guarantee I'll read it. Ronon sends email, Dave gets drawn in. Lovely and sweet and funny with a hint of melancholy.
Fandom:SGA John/Ronon

girl_wonder: Fic: DW/SGA: Seems Far From Home, Seems Farther From You
Oh, baby. This isn't a story written with a pen, this is carved with a knife so sharp it can etch granite.

Martha Jones after walking the world goes to Atlantis. I want to put this story up on my shoulders and trot it around in a victory parade.

Partisans of the SGA characters may find this a bit bracing.
Fandom:SGA Fandom:DoctorWho Fandom:Torchwood Gen

drvsilla: Running From Freedom || Source Post
I like this author a great deal and the prose and voices are fabulous as always. This story is strange though, in that I read the characterizations as some hybrid of Dean-Jensen and Sam-Jared. The plot could absolutely be a SPN AU with no trouble, but the Texas setting requires J2.

I was unsettled by the story in a way that the few underage Sam/Dean stories I've read didn't. I think it's the very real world setting where there should be social workers and legal guardians for the 15 year old boy who isn't capable of consenting to a sexual relationship with the only authority figure he's ever known, no matter how much he wants it. Jensen seems to be Deanishly trying to hold onto Jared anyway he can.

This one gets creepier the more I think about it.

I feel like I'm being a bit hypocritical because while it's not something I read much of, I have read and enjoyed underage Dean/Sam. I can't shake the feeling that I find this story uncomfortable to contemplate because the characters are not cut off from society in the same way that Sam and Dean are. They are cut off by their experience of poverty and family dysfunction, but that can often put a person more in front of social agencies, not less. The Jared character is also extremely, realistically immature, in a way that would not be IC for Sam at that age, and with none of Jensen's POV--and none of the canon understanding of Dean you would get if this were a SPN fic--his motivations are a murky pool that might hide some unpleasant things.

I'm sure many people would say there's no difference and this story, underage Dean/Sam or that Brazilian film that's making the rounds are all creepy for not portraying abuse as abuse. I think it's not that simple.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen j2_everafter_2011 Underage

Orbits, Drift - Annie D (scaramouche) - Live Free or Die Hard (2007) [Archive of Our Own]
Post film story that starts in the hospital and ends in McClane's apartment. Excellent Matt voice in this one, and a really sweet and funny figuring each other out story. Not a whiff of daddy kink in this one.
Fandom:DH4.0 McClane/Farrell

the8threalm: Falling Feels Like Flying (In a Vee) - Master Post
Riff on the Mighty Ducks. Takes place in an AU where Toronto is populated by white Americans and there's no homophobia.

It's cute, with a few lurches in the narrative that are a little weird and a lot of gender essentialism. The scene with two gay parents being just as skeevily overprotective of their (11 year old) daughter's sexuality as a cliche straight dude is, well actually, it is something I could see in a Disney movie, if Disney admitted people were gay.

Then we learn that Jared "wouldn't let" his accidentally pregnant casual girlfriend have an abortion. Instead he browbeat her into getting married and raising the kid with his smothering family's help. She bailed on this fairy tale life and rarely sees the kid. I think we can all agree with our hero Jensen that that makes her a "bitch". Jensen knows this because his wife had the good manners to speed down the 400 and die in a crash,. These poor guys, how hard they've had it, what a sweet love story this is.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen

infatuated_ink: Real Person Fic - CW: Along the Road to Anywhere Masterpost
Based on Up, which I've never seen so I'm not too sure how the story ties in with the film.

Schmoopy and sweet and silly and funny. Jared's an old man who tells people stories. I think they're all true.

This is for me a delightful meta fic, maybe the best meta fic I've read about RPF. It's about telling stories and how things can be true when they aren't real and real when they aren't true, and how your life can be an amazing adventure even if it isn't.

INTENSE tear-jerker of an ending.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen j2_everafter_2011

Taking The Fifth - astolat - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Season 2 thematically, but AU. Sam and Dean are raised apart and don't realize they're brothers until they've already gotten together. This has been done many times, in fact, I think I just read one this summer that I said was fine, but there was no conflict other than the brother issue.

This is a better execution--the sense of Sam not fitting in with his adopted family and the way Dean is ready to hate them on his behalf is very well told and it all kicks off with an excellent reworking of a canon case fic. It isn't clear if Sam's sense of not fitting in with the Moores is in his head or based in reality.

The relationship itself was too add water and stir--instant attachment cuz they're meant to be for my taste.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

need $ to build an ark - modestly waiting for a bus
This fic is a delightful sideways slide through John Sheppard's mind while he's injured and co-incidentally seeing Rodney in a different light.

Candle_beck's prose is not arid or spare or beautiful in its simplicity. It isn't lush and heady and dense either. It's balanced well somewhere in between. As is the story--balanced between angst and humour, between realism and John's semi-delusional state, between the jokes you'll be expecting and some new ways of seeing the relationship. The Rodney voice is perfect in my mind, but committed fans of some of the popular John characterizations must be prepared for a fresh look at the character. I found it refreshing. Lovely story.
Fandom:SGA John/Rodney

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat - Folie a Deux - 1/2
Author's Summary: At Lofty Pines Mental Institution, Jensen and Jared try to work through their delusions of being Dean and Sam Winchester.
At Lofty Pines Mental Institution, Dean and Sam Winchester are being manipulated into thinking they’re Jensen and Jared

Not meant to be a realistic portrayal of mental illness, delusions in particular or mental health care. Not wildly unreal either.

This is about the fear of losing your sense of self, about how tenuous identity is and how much of it lives in what other people tell you about who you are.

I wanted it to be Sam and Dean, not because if Sam and Dean aren't real, why would anyone chose their lives as a delusion, but because Jared and Jensen in a story are never "real" for me. So the story is about RPF vs FPF and how the characters in those stories get their identity and from whom.

I really enjoyed this story a lot. Clever use of show meta to make Sam question his identity. Delicious puzzle of a fic.
Fandom:SPN Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen Dean/Sam