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Mixed Bag.

And now for everything else. A couple of vids and some fic of various flavours. I recced some of this on my journal, so you might have seen it already.

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Fanfiction by Xenodike - Master Post - Jensen Ackles Doesn't Exist.
(This fic should at least get nominated for most self-deprecating authorial preamble ever.)

What happens if you take all the broken woobie Jensen cliches you can imagine and then take it fairly seriously, but tell it all from Jensen's very unreliable narrator POV?

You get this compelling story of a Jensen who is kidnapped by Jared and ends up in a place where (some of) his neurosis fit really well.

Very well written with only a couple of pacing wobbles here and there and a couple of dips too deep in the melodrama ink pot.
Fandom:SPN_RPF Jared/Jensen

Trajectory Unknown - Calico - British Comedian RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Not my fandom, but I know these two well enough to say this was very in character.

This is a kind of odd, choose your own adventure style, but not cracky despite that and the fact the two characters are cracky at the best of times.

Scorching hot sex scenes and really interesting and clever dynamics in several configurations.
Fandom:BritCom_RPF Charlie_Brooker/David_Mitchell

The Crossover Job - scrunchy - Sherlock (TV), Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Really excellent crossover that could fit with both canons.

I love the voices for both in this, and the insights into Sophie were really well thought out and fabulously shown.
Fandom:Leverage Fandom:Sherlock(BBC) Sophie/Lestrade

nishizono | Fic: Moral Guidance
Not my usual pairing. In this one Sherlock is 18 and Lestrade is 32. Mostly PWP, but the point here is why Lestrade gives in, and why Sherlock pushes so much.
Fandom:Sherlock(BBC) Holmes/Lestrade

glasslogic - In Arcadia Ego - Master Post
AU where they're not related and Dean is a vampire. Dean's motivations remain a bit murky in this, since it's all Sam's POV. Sam's motivations are murky enough that this might strike some as dubious consent due to coercion. The way Dean seems to function sexually, the story is close to service kink in both directions, which is a feat, I'll tell you.

I enjoyed reading this, it's paced well for something that covers so much time, and I like the way it diverges from canon, but still deals with the main conflicts of canon. Sam and Dean making deals with each other is an interesting twist on the deals with various devils in canon as well.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

glasslogic - The Cause Sanguine - Master Post
AU where Dean and Sam are not related and where Sam is an unusual kind of werewolf. No relation to canon werewolves or the latest fannish trend of mapping popular culture ideas of animal sexuality (that are full of hot air) onto humans in order to explore intensely hetereonormative dynamics as a kink.

In fact the nature of Sam's well, nature, and some of the story, might be seen by some people as skirting towards bestiality.

The opening with Dean drinking himself into oblivion is very good, and the scenes with the wolf are very well done. I don't buy at all the big sex scene, and the ending reveals some elements of Sam's state that arrive out of left field. (Chekhov's gun). Good, engrossing read, and such a different take on the werewolf genre that it was refreshing just for that.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

Just Before Dawn - roxymissrose - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Dean wakes up alone. Sam has left him, and he quickly realizes it's for good. Victor shows up and they click like magnets. But something isn't quite right.

Fantastic little story with just the right amount of hints before the reveal.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Victor

Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round, by Annie D
Fusion with the film Speed. Matt's driving the bus, and McLane is the cop on board. Text gets a little rough near the end and one OC has three ranks in two paragraphs. But if you can overlook that, the story is an excellent fusion of the two sources and a very fun read.
Fandom:DH4.0 McClane/Farrell

Displacement (The Longest Three-Week Day) - michelel72 - Stargate Atlantis, Doctor Who [Archive of Our Own]
Excellent crossover and a nicely adult look at relationships. There's so much respect here for Donna as a person without any of the Doctor in her, as someone who lives an ordinary life even if she's not quite happy in it. I think this takes the canon end game that turning her into a mundane woman who is "just a temp" and redeems it by having her stay a noble lady no matter what memories she has.

Her direct way of dealing with Rodney is a little bit of redemption of that canon's trope of having everyone (Except Daniel Jackson) just roll their eyes and purse their lips. I love the proposal scene too.
Fandom:DoctorWho Fandom:SGA Donna/Rodney

Anywhere Road - paxlux - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
AU where they are criminals but not hunters. I'm not sure how I feel about the one glimpse of the Supernatural, it felt like taking the easy moral road. But the story is very good and the two of them are just as tangled together body and soul as they are in canon.
Fandom:SPN Dean/Sam

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friendshipper | Highlander vid: God's Gonna Cut You Down
Excellent vid of the Horseman and Cassandra and all their twisting roles and choices and consequences. Perfect song choice.
Fandom:Highlander vid

YouTube - Harry Potter | Marchin On
Lovely vid about the core relationship between Harry, Hermoine and Ron--with a few others in the mix. This vid which ignores the political machinations of the adults in favour of the younger characters is everything I like in the HP story. (Contains clips from DH part 1-but not very spoilery.)
Fandom:Harry_Potter vid