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[community profile] festivids is the theme of this post. This is all the vids I've watched through so far. One exception to that is a few vids, including both Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon vids, which were so dark in the streaming version offered that I just couldn't get my equipment to display them well enough to watch in a meaningful way. I'm hoping these will be offered in a downloadable version of a higher quality at some point. I know some vidders don't have access to hosting space, and/or just don't like having the vid be downloadable, but I'd like the chance to really see these vids.

As a vid watcher, I'm really influenced by the music, and there's a lot of popular current music that I really don't care for at all. Some vids I didn't watch through might be really good, but I can't get past the song.

I have a very poor visual memory for most canons. I will not get the significance of a clip choice because it came from that episode where that thing happened and now it's being used to say this. Goes right over my head. I find I like vids that use the clips in a context within the vid--I often really like constructed reality vids, for example--or that are readable more on stylistic or thematic grounds rather than as meta commentary on the source.

I have no frickin' clue about colour theory or film criticism or visual symbolism. Vids that are all about that will also just go over my head. On to my list:

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