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I stopped posting reviews there didn't I? Well, I hit the doldrums of the SPN J2 Big Bang, where most of what was posted was either not for me, or not of a readable standard. I'm not sure if the overall quality standard is lower this year, or if I'm just changing my tastes and less interest in ships equals less willingness to read unedited first drafts.

This is the rest of everything I finished out of this year's Big Bang, including some gen RPD, Dean/Victor and Dean/Sam. Read more... )
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Two Gen stories today with a similar theme--Dean arrested by the FBI. One is set during the missing year where Sam was in hell, and the other is set after Jus in Bello and Sam is right there, but no one knows it but Dean.Read more... )
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It's that time again. This year should prove very interesting. We have an old fandom that's not really gaining new fans, but is certainly losing fans to the latest thing.

We also have a fandom that I find myself increasingly at odds with. I actually liked season 7 of SPN a lot, and I like the current Sam and Dean dynamic. I like that they are finally more adults than dudebros. I seem to be in a very small minority.

This year I'm doing my reviews a bit the same and a bit different. Here's the highlights:Read more... )

On with the show: Three stories from the first two weeks. All RPF. )


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