February 27th, 2011

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I thought I'd try something different, so I picked out the J2 stories that have over 400 bookmarks on delicious to review them. I knew I'd read them all, and I wanted to see if they had anything in common, and how my reading stacks up against their popularity.

Disclaimer: This is a totally unfair method of finding "the most popular" fics. Stories that are posted in multiple places, or where the author may have changed their journal name or posting location will have the bookmarks split up into multiple piles and won't make my arbitrary cut. Stores posted in several parts over time, like the Quarterback verse won't be he here either, even though they might be more popular. This method is going to automatically skew to older stories as well. What it does do is stop me from playing favourites in picking the stories.

Before even reviewing, I can see that one thing the six stories have in common is their length, all at least big bang length by the more modern definitions of the term, but the length varies greatly from 16,000 words to almost 200,000. They are all at lest two years old and every single one is an AU. Two were not written as part of a challenge or fest, the rest were. Five are rated adult or NC-17 and one is not rated.

My track record of liking the really, really popular stories is not great, but I enjoyed most of these, even if I wouldn't call any of them my favourites.

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